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Top 10 Takashi Murakami collaborations that you need to know about

Takashi Murakami is a complex artist, working on everything from sculptures of masturbating cowboys to global charity work. His vibrant art attracts top brands to create new exciting collaborations. Here are the pick of the collaborations you need to know about!

1. Louis Vuitton 1997–2003

It was probably the most successful LV collaboration ever. The fashion house had a long-lasting 13-year relationship (1997–2013) with Takashi Murakami, which brought to life legendary collectible pieces.

2. Supreme 2007

What sort of collaboration list would be complete without Supreme muscling in on the action? In 2007, Murakami produced some trademark designs for their skateboard range, and yet again...they were a huge hit!

3. Comme Des Garçons 2009

VOGUE NIPPON and COMME des GARCONS commissioned Takashi Murakami to release his legendary images, including his trademark smiling flowers to mark the opening of the “Magazine Alive” Pop-Up Store.

4. KAWS for Christie’s 2011

Takashi Murakami teamed up with KAWS and Christie’s Auction House to raise funds for victims of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. Based around a Spongebob Squarepants motif, the piece was titled Kawsbob Enters the Strange Forest, and was sold for $188,500 during a New York auction in 2011.

5. Google 2011

In 2011, Google’s homepage was decorated with vibrant prints by Takashi Murakami. Stylistically, the images reflected Murakami’s concept of “Superflat,” which refers to an art movement that attempts to introduce the international art scene to Japanese artists, animators, cartoonists and more.

6. Billionaire Boy’s Club 2018

Pharrell Williams’ clothing line introduced a collaboration with Takashi in 2017. The classic Murakami flowers were translated into uplifting multipurpose cushions and were a great success.

7. UNIQLO 2018

UNIQLO’s collaboration with Murakami featured the legendary cheeky smiling flowers across the range of

T-shirts and Doreamon, a cat-type robot from the famous Japanese manga series created by Fujiko F. Fujio in 1970. An instant hit.

8. Virgil Abloh 2018

Murakami and Abloh have joined forces on multiple occasions to create off-white inspired art that acts as social commentary. Who knows? Maybe this alliance will be a beginning of a new chapter in Takashi x LV history?

9. Kanye West 2018

Takashi Murakami designed a new album cover for Kanye West called Kids See Ghosts. This is the second time the artist has collaborated with the rapper after the previous successful work Graduation in 2007.

10. OVO Takashi 2018

Takashi Murakami created a new symbol for Canadian fashion brand OVO (October’s Very Own), when he mixed his legendary smiling flower with their iconic owl. The limited-edition hoodies and T-shirts were sold out within hours in their flagman stores.

BONUS! Porter Bags 2019 NEW!

Great news for Murakami’s fans! Recently the artist announced an upcoming collaboration with Porter Bags. Takashi will be most likely featuring his iconic smiling flowers, and the range is guaranteed to be a home run. Coming soon!...

Takashi Murakami in Paris. Photo credit: @takashipom


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