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A few years ago, I stepped out of the life I knew; moving from the ten year career in the corporate world into one filled with colour and adventure.

Wholeheartedly, I delved into the study of art; taking courses in Saint Martin's first, then graduating Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London.


As an artist, I embrace bright colours and bold approaches. In every brush stroke there is positivity and optimism.


Today, I travel the world to find art that resonates with me and to meet extraordinary artists with remarkable talents.



This place – this online world of mine – is a representation of my dreams coming true.


DARIARTÉ is an online art boutique where you can explore, discover and buy beautiful artworks – both individually and in sets - contemporary creations of emerging artists alongside print editions of a world of established blue-chip artists. These are my own collections, as well as those handpicked from every part of the world.


Each piece and every collection has been sourced and curated with pain-staking care. Being entirely independent, I focus purely on works that I see as remarkable – those that I believe you will too.



DARIARTÉ is also a lifestyle guide to the world of art - this is where art meets lifestyle – where art goes hand-in-hand with fashion, wine, travel and jewellery. Along the way, you’ll learn about fashion and art collaborations, travel destinations that will stir the soul of any art lover, and fascinating partnerships between wine and art.

I also believe that there is art in everyday life too! The art of good food, great wine and sophisticated cocktails.

Wherever I travel, for as long as I can remember, I have always created ‘top-ten’ lists. It will be here where I share my discoveries…


 Join me as I visit the best bars, surprising eateries and illustrious art events that span the world – from London, to Los Angeles, on to Hong Kong, Dubai and many more.


Daria, the Founder of DARIARTÉ

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